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The future of professional audio is networked.


JOYNED is an Austrian startup, that helps manufacturers in the Pro AV market to get their devices networked. We combine audio over ethernet efficiently with signal processing and remote control. Our solutions are based on open standards to deliver the best integration and interoperablity.


“Hi, I'm Fabian, your expert for audio network technology.”

As a developer of professional audio systems, I am involved in the standardization of AVB/Milan, AES67, and AES70. What drives me is my enormous enthusiasm for audio network technology, music, and embedded systems.

I am the founder of JOYNED and I am looking forward to help you.

“Hey, I am Richi and I'm supporting the community around network technology.”

As a marketer, I have been involved in different roles for several projects in the Pro Audio industry and I’ve enjoyed them all. 

Music has always been a driving force in my life. It takes to me to places and connects me to people.


Curious to learn more about integrating audio networks in your products?

Download our brochure for a more detailed overview of our solution.

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