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Your Use Cases

The variety of products and technologies that can benefit from being networked and remotely accessed is endless. JOYNED builds flexible solutions that can integrate into existing products and systems or just bridge non-networked digital/analogue signals into high performance Time-Sensitive Networks.
Adaptors are a straightforward way to integrate legacy products in a network

Format converters

Build your product quickly based on preconfigured and tested Firmware packages. We have prepared reference designs for you: ADAT, SPDIF, AES3, microphone/Instrument preamps, headphone amplifiers or Digital-to-Analog converters…

Loudspeakers will enhanced capabilities with both network connectivity and power over Ethernet

PoE Powered Loudspeakers

The benefits of digital audio networks are evident, both in terms of flexibility and performance and minimizing infrastructural costs. Combine audio transport, signal processing and remote control in a single chip. This helps to reduce power consumption, maximize the power budget for the acoustical output.

Image of a professional microphone

Networked Microphones

Audio network technology offers new opportunities for your product concept: Transmit many channels on a single network cable to support immersive recordings. Monitor and control remotely the input signal chain (gain, low-pass filters or polar patterns) of multiple sources in the network.

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