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Visual showing the different layers involved in JOYNED Milan implementation; from XMOS hardware, AVB Ethernet layer, JOYNED software layers and top layer showing the Vendor Application Code
AVB/Milan Software

JOYNED presents an embedded software for professional audio equipment manufacturers. This solution enables seamless integration with Milan, the open standard for audio over Ethernet, setting new standards for audio performance.

Designed exclusively for professional audio manufacturers, JOYNED’s embedded software is a versatile solution created to enhance the capabilities of:

  • Format converters
  • Loudspeakers
  • Mixers

Its adaptability ensures compatibility with a wide range of audio equipment, providing manufacturers with a reliable, comprehensive and streamlined solution for their diverse needs.

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Integration simplified

Our process starts with integrating the powerful XMOS microcontroller into your hardware design. This ensures a solid foundation for your product’s performance.

Software loading

Our software binaries are easily loaded onto your device.


We’ve got your back! JOYNED offers functional verification support. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your product meets all standards.


Your product is now ready for the show! Thanks to JOYNED’s streamlined process, your product can take center stage with confidence.

Block diagram showing the JOYNED implementation core components

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Diagram showing a basic Milan network with Milan endpoints interoperating via AVB switches
What is Milan?
Milan is an emerging audio networking protocol. It stands for Media Integrated Local Area Networking, is based on the Audio Video Bridging (AVB) standard, and will change the way audio devices interact in professional setups. Let's find out what it is, what its key features are and how it differs from others.

We work for standardization of network technology in the AV industry.

Open standards are the basis for a healthy and innovative network ecosystem. We are committed to a standardised environment for network connectivity in the professional audiovisual industry.

JOYNED was founded by Richi Rozas and Fabian Braun, who was involved in the creation of Milan since the beginning.

Fabian Braun, JOYNED Founder and CEOCrhistoph Melauner, DevOps at JOYNED.
Richi Rozas, JOYNED Co-Founder and CMOHarald Denifle, Sales Advisor.Oscar Cipolla, JOYNED Sales Agent for Italy.

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What our customers say

Tony Torlini, Managing Director of Kelsey Acoustics interviewed by JOYNED at ISE 2024.
"This marks a new step for us, and JOYNED has provided invaluable guidance to propel our R&D efforts forward."
Tony Torlini
General Manager at Kelsey Acoustics.
Profile picture of Martin Werner, General Director of LaserAnimation Sollinger GmbH.
"We approached JOYNED in search of specialized support for these protocols."
Martin Werner
Managing Director at LaserAnimation Sollinger.


Inside a Plugfest: Where Innovation Meets Collaboration
When it comes to advancing technology and ensuring product compatibility, few events are as pivotal as a plugfest. This unique gathering, facilitated by the Avnu Alliance, offers a rare glimpse into the collaborative effort required to enhance and standardize networked products, particularly those that support the Milan protocol.
ISE 2024 Throwback - The Rise of the Milan Ecosystem
We have all seen the impressive stats for this year's ISE. It was an incredibly successful show, with overwhelming exhibitor and visitor numbers, an extensive conference programme and just a great show experience for everyone who attended. But what really excited us was the overall rise of the Milan ecosystem. While Milan has been around for quite some time, there was an obvious peek in perception and acceptance during this year's event. Almost as if some force was pushing our favourite audio-over-Ethernet protocol to the forefront of everyone's minds.
JOYNED on XMOS: A complete audio network solution
Enabling audio network technology will increase the value of your audio devices. But it can be a challenging task. Discover our straightforward, turn-key solution to implement network capabilities with XMOS microcontrollers and JOYNED software.


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