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Welcome to Milan

Welcome to the world of Milan, an emerging audio networking protocol. Based on the Audio Video Bridging (AVB) standard, Milan will change the way audio devices interact in professional setups. Let's find out what it is, what its key features are and how it differs from others.

Insights from the Experts - How Audio Network is Empowering the AV Industry

Listen to relevant voices in the Pro Audio community discussing the key questions about audio network technology and its profound impact on the AV industry.

JOYNED on XMOS: A complete audio network solution

Enabling audio network technology will increase the value of your audio devices. But it can be a challenging task. Discover our straightforward, turn-key solution to implement network capabilities with XMOS microcontrollers and JOYNED software.

Audio Network Survey

Is the audio network technology reliable? Are there signs of mass adoption of audio network solutions in the market? What protocol should manufacturers decide upon? Should the audio network industry standard be open? We've gathered insights from professionals to shed light on these topics and explore the potential of this transformative technology.
Success Stories

Exhibiting at ISE 2023

ISE 2023 announced the clear trend for audio network technology and AVB/Milan as the protocol of choice for live audio applications. JOYNED showcased a Milan demo rack and Fabian Braun was one of the presenters at the Milan keynote hosted by the Avnu Alliance.

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