Audio Network Evaluation Board

Manufacturers aiming to develop an AVB/Milan or OCA/AES70 device will find a valuable and cost-effective tool in this evaluation board to test and evaluate their product design.

By offering a flexible configuration, it can serve a wide range of use cases and hardware architectures in implementing OCA/AES70 and AVB/Milan protocols.

AVB/Milan and OCA Alliance logos
JOYNED Panda-board is an audio network evaluation board


  • Network protocols
  • AVB/Milan
  • OCA/AES70
  • I/O section
  • 2 analog Inputs
  • 2 analog Outputs
  • Interface for optional extension cards
  • Flexible audio interface
    (Supported per software option in combination with IO cards)
  • I2S in/out
  • SPDIF/AES3 in/out
  • ADAT in/out
  • GPIOs
  • UART control
  • Power supply for optional IO cards
  • 3,3V
  • 5,0V
  • Clock recovery for AVB/Milan integration with several Options
  • Cirrus Logic CS2100CP
  • SiLabs Si5351B/C
  • Codec Cirrus Logic CS4272
  • ADC: 2 channels on female XLR
  • DAC: 2 channels on male XLR

Block Diagram

Basic block diagram of the JOYNED Evaluation board.

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