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Inside a Plugfest: Where Innovation Meets Collaboration

When it comes to advancing technology and ensuring product compatibility, few events are as pivotal as a plugfest. This unique gathering, facilitated by the Avnu Alliance, offers a rare glimpse into the collaborative effort required to enhance and standardize networked products, particularly those that support the Milan protocol.

ISE 2024 Throwback - The Rise of the Milan Ecosystem

We have all seen the impressive stats for this year's ISE. It was an incredibly successful show, with overwhelming exhibitor and visitor numbers, an extensive conference programme and just a great show experience for everyone who attended. But what really excited us was the overall rise of the Milan ecosystem. While Milan has been around for quite some time, there was an obvious peek in perception and acceptance during this year's event. Almost as if some force was pushing our favourite audio-over-Ethernet protocol to the forefront of everyone's minds.

Insights from the Experts - How Audio Network is Empowering the AV Industry

Listen to relevant voices in the Pro Audio community discussing the key questions about audio network technology and its profound impact on the AV industry.

Audio Network Survey

Is the audio network technology reliable? Are there signs of mass adoption of audio network solutions in the market? What protocol should manufacturers decide upon? Should the audio network industry standard be open? We've gathered insights from professionals to shed light on these topics and explore the potential of this transformative technology.

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