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The future of professional audio is networked.

Are you prepared for the next-generation of AV networks?

Enable your products to operate in AVB/Milan networks, benefiting from the superior performance of Time-Sensitive Networks in terms of Stability, Interoperability, and Usability.

Fully AVB/Milan compliant

Enhanced control capabilities OSC, OCA (AES70) integrated in the same chip

API for vendor-specific DSP on the same chip

Do you want to learn more about the AVB/Milan Software?

You want to integrate AVB/Milan Software in your product?

Choose from pre-defined configurations that are optimised and already tested for low cost applications or from customizable software libraries.

Combine and enhance them according to your specific needs. Interfaces to integrate your individual DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and Remote control are provided.

We support open standard control libraries such as OSC and OCA.

You want to verify your products network functionality?

Get your product tested in our test system. It is designed to perform automated tests that helps to reveal issues before products or firmware updates get to customers.

Curious to learn more about integrating audio networks in your products?

Download our brochure for a more detailed overview of our solution.

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Learn more about integrating audio networks into your products.

Download our brochure for a more detailed overview of our solution.